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bay area has a second is worst traffic in the nation tied with l.a. just behind washington, d.c. on average, we spend 61 hours a year stuck in traffic. all because of congested corridors like this one on highway 101 in palo alto. we take a look at the problem and how community leaders are hoping to manage it. >> highway 880 in oakland, one of the many trouble zones. a new study from the texas transportation institute shows that chances are last year you spent more time sitting in your car here than you did watching your favorite tv show. the institute said on average, commuters in the oakland/san francisco area were delayed 61 hours in 2011. the study said is that each driver wasted on average $818 in gas and lost productivity sitting in the car. is slow speeds are taking a toll
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on the air. on average, bay area communicators released 380 pounds of carbon die oxide into the air every year. >> air pollution cause anything from eye irritation and coughing and wheezing and asthma and death. depending on the level of exposer. >> so, where do we go from here? and at what speed? the metropolitan transportation commission estimates that ten years from now, we will still see 75% to 80% of the cars on the road driven by solo commuters. so the goal now is to not defeat conjegz but manage it. experts say that the simple metering light can help. >> by spending maybe an extra minute or two on the on-ramp, waiting for the light to change, a motorist can save ten, 12, 15 minutes once he or she reaches
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the main line. we have seen on 101 and 580, travel time reductions of 25, 30, even 35%. >> he said that express lanes can help minimize conjegz just don't expect a quick fix. >> and leaders with the transportation commission say as the improves the conjegz and pollution are only expected to get worse. reporting from fremont, nbc bay area news. >> we are tied with l.a., thank you, and sitting in the traffic is not only frustrating but getting more expensive. have you noticed? gas prices are rising quickly. up almost $.32 in the past month alone with no end in sight. we are in san jose with what experts say is behind the price hike. chris? >> hi there, raj, we don't have a choice, that is what a lot of bay area drivers say about paying $.32 more for a regular
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unleaded gallon of gas than we did not a year ago, but a month ago we've asked what the gas is going up in prices. trip tr tr aaa says that we are feeling better about the economy, we drive more, we up the price. we asked average joes about the prices and they have their own theories. >> they have so much surplus gas, like in north dakota, it should be less, we are getting the gas and selling it on the other countries and it's not right. >> we are just always fighting gas speculation, you know, that's the problem. it's not the actual extraction of it, it's the speculators that are making the money. >> of course, we are being
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gouged, i don't know what the problem is. >> we do expect to pay more around this time of year, what is unusual is that spike was a lot sharper than we are used to. aaa reminds us to get the most bang for our buck, by making sure tires are properly inflated and we drive the speed limit to get the best mielag event >> in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> we have a follow-up to a story we first brought you yesterday, bay area travelers have a new and very affordable option to get to l.os angeles bt you have to act fast. virgin america is offering four nonstops a day. if you book by tomorrow and travel before june 5th they have the best prices.
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they are known for lower fares and in flight wi-fi. >> the court met at the university of san francisco, the case involves a southern california pot club that sued the city of riverside over its decision to ban pot clubs. one side argued that state laws especially powers local governments to ban the establishment of pot clubs and the other side that they can only regulate the pot industry, not ban it all together. attorneys were interrupted by the justices several times and they appeared skeptical of the argument challenging the right of cities to ban pot clubs but one of the attorneys said that the court appeared divided. >> i feel that we clearly have certain justices in our corner. some of them showed their hands more than others. and i am -- feeling optimistic
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that those justices will be able to convince the ones that have a doubt. >> the court's special session at usf was to commemorate is school's history. the court will issue a ruling on the case within 90 days. >> sad and not surprised, that was the reaction of people that witnessed a crash that sent a woman to the hospital. a 29-year-old woman, a seven-year-old and a 1-year-old were crossing crestview drive when a driver hit them and took off. all three victims are expected to be okay. neighbors say that drivers speed through the intersection all the time. the police said they will work with the city to make it safer. >> a leaked memo has led to feinstein asking for more
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information. we first reported on the memo last night. it outlines a legal justify indication of the use of drone strikes. such as the 2011 attack . the outline in the memo is not enough for feinstein. she wants the full legal argue ma mentes. the released memo has been called pro foundly disturbing. >> a bay area city's plan to shame owners to making buildings earthquake safe. and -- >> they make me like a hero and i'm not. >> one woman turns her personal tragedy into a dream fulfilled. >> the olympics begin one year from today but the olympic dream could have just ended for one of
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the team's brightest stars after a horrible crash. >> plenty of fog today and lots of cloud cover right now in the south bay, we are tracking showers later on the this week that will help the aathealergy forecast.
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>> our nbc chopper live over breaking news. it's a small city just northwest of santa rosa, just after 3:00 p.m., police found three bodies and it's the site of a triple homicide all the victims are men and we will bring you the latest updates as we get them. thousands of people live engine san francisco are about to learn if they live in soft story
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buildings. they have weak ground floors which make them unsafe in the earthquakes. seven such buildings collapsed in the marina district in 1989, city leaders introduced a law, mandating the retrofitting of the rest of the soft story buildings and providing financial incentives for the landlords to do the work. and they have considered labeling the buildings so that the residents are informed about the threat. the winter olympics begin a year from tonight in russia. but will vonn be ready, she suffered a knee and leg injury after a major crash today. it happened in austria, the after a jump, coming up shortly, her knees buckle and she veers off course. she was air lifted to a nearby hospital, now the u.s. ski team confirmed that -- here is the jump -- they confirmed she suffered acl and mcl tears in her right knee as well as a
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fractured right tibia. they are optimistic that held be ready for the winter games next february. the 49ers are calling this one of the most depressing days of the season. players cleaned out their lockers this morning in team headquarters they collected their personal belongings and kaepernick seems to be taking the loss personally. asked how long that loss will stay with him, he said, for the rest of his life. >> i mean, it's tough. i mean, we been through a lot together, we are here with each other all the time. it's like leaving your family. >> you know, relax, heel the injuries and things like that, and pick back up, where we left off. >> after just a couple of days of recoup ragz, some like kaepernick will start to train for next season already. >> with a country where more than 12 million people are unemploy today saving just eight
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jobs is not something that normally makes the headlines. unless of course one of the jobs is yours, or in the case of tonight's bay area proud, not just a job was saved but a well loved restaurant we've the story of bobby's coffee shop. >> i am sure that there are experts that will tell you make business decisions with your head not your heart. we found a woman that chose not to follow advice and it made a lot of people happy, including herself, the continuation of an area institution and tonight's bay area proud. when your business runs on a steady diet of ham and eggs, regular customers, are your bread and butter. and at bobby's coffee shop, there has been no more regular than janet. >> just about every day. >> for 25 years. >> janet and her husband bill
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slid into their favorite corner booth, every day until bill passed away five years ago. >> i thought that's an idea. janet did not stop coming though, the place had become too big a part of her life to stay away. >> it was tough the first couple of times i came by myself. but everybody made me welcome. i used to see him come in with his old cars. >> janet started to help out around the place, filling coffee cups and cleaning plates but that all came to an end when bobby's was hut down last summer. >> not just janet but a whole lot of regulars had lost their favorite place to eat and a piece of history was about to disappear, unless a new owner stepped in, and one did. janet. >> i want to welcome you and i hope everything is well for you. >> it's fantastic. >> it was an idea she and her son bill came up with. >> i said you want a business? >> and i said yes. and then i said, oh, my what did i do?
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you know? >> well, what we can tell you is what she hasn't done. >> people here have really been great. >> changed a thing. not the menu, not the prices not the staff and certainly not that corner booth. >> every time i look at the booth i get -- my husband is there, so, you know, we opened two weeks ago? >> janet has always wanted to own her own business, but her late husband never felt the timing was right. maybe after all it was not that the timing wasn't right, it was the place. >> i don't think that any other business would have worked. >> it was meant to be? >> yes, i think so. i really think so. >> now, one detail i should share. now the place was called bobby's coffee house. bobbie, now when the ownership changed the old owner wanted to keep that name. so it's bobbi's cafe, bobbi
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without an e, if you ask for where it is, everyone will tell you the right place. >> food looks good. >> thank you. >> kind of a mixed bag today, a little cloudy and a little sunshine where are we heading, jeff? >> we are serving up a side of sunshine with a bit of cloud cover. it was gloomy out here this morning, we had foggy overcast lingering for hours this morning, in fact, so much fog spurred off by the cold front that passed this morning, we did get accumulating drizzle and there was some rain around the area. here is the other thing, visibility did get cut down to 300 feet across the santa cruz mountains. we will get fog but not as bad as what we had this morning. temperatures are cooling off into the mid 50s that will squeeze out the moisture in the north bay. let's go to the sky camera network, you can see in san jose, it's very cloudy.
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the cloudiest part of the map. look at the rays of sunshine right now down in the beautiful skyline in san jose. up to the north here, looking back towards san francisco, another weather wow, come to your tv to check it out as the sunsets just an orange array of colors right there across downtown sf and off to the north, we have sunshine here in san ra fell and a bit of cloud cover, and coincidence dentally the areas will have fog forming tomorrow morning. latest system does not have systems that are major sitting out here. but our first accumulating february rain is coming our way as we go through the next 48 hours. it's not a large storm system and like so many storms we have had over the past several weeks, as it gets closer it will be sheared apart. so we are expecting a chance of more showers and a sht of colder air, it will will not be a major storm system for us this week, but you may have to pull out the
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umbrella for a bit. for the coast line, mid 50s, the cool side as we go through the next 48 hours. how about the time line on the rain. 4:00 a.m. on thursday, we have rain lining up in the north bay, and as we go through five, 6 and 7:00 in the morning it will push to the east bay, the morning commute looks to be the wettest throughout the day and a few showers as we go through the day. sigh air a, getting 2-5 inches of snow. not going to stop skiers, and tonight, 45 in san jose, and 41 in los gatos, and for tomorrow, temperatures in the mid to upper 50s in the north bay and east bay. on the three day forecast. a chance of showers coming back on thursday and slight chance on friday and up coming weekend, yes we get sunshine in here on saturday and also sunday. even into monday and tuesday of
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next week. i'm going to be self indulgent, it's national weather person's day today. >> congratulations! >> thank you so much, so i want to wish all of the competition in the market did that's nice. >> -- across the country, happy national weather person's day. >> we need to get him a cake. >> i will take it. >> still ahead, it impacts more than just your waist line. why the men want to put down the remote. >> and a speeding boat slams into a whale. the story after the break.
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in health matters when women have trouble breast feeding they turn to their friends and mothers to get advice. an herbal supplement has been long believed to increase the
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milk supply. no study has been done on the supplements. >> a enough study may have men getting off the couch and on to the treadmill, researches found that young men who watched more than 20 or more hours of tv a week had a 44% lower sperm count than men who watched less tv. now the men who did at least 15 hours of moderate to vigorous exercise had a higher sperm count. the reduced sperm count does not dee crease the fertility but the exercise cannot hurt. >> yesterday we saw the skeleton and today we get to see the face. they have positively identified remains of king richard, iii, many people have said they are surprised by the sculpture
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because they are handsome. unlike the paintings of him. and they say, the paintings were done after his death. amazing story. well, up next, an unforgettable vacation and the pictures to profit.
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>> a tourist from arizona has a whale of a tail to tell. the tourist said she was out whale watching and taking photos of them breeching in front of her. and that is when she saw another boat hit one of the whales as it sped along. the boat did not sink and the whale did not appear to be hurt. as they took off to go back to the shore, the whale that was hurt, only 20 feet away, showed
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off and was right in front of them. >> thank goodness the whale is okay. >> that was in mexico. >> so we are going to possibly have a bit of rain. >> yeah, coming our way as as we head through thursday, a chance of showers on thursday. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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on our broadcast tonight, an nbc news exclusive. the president's drone war. tonight, the government document that lays out the case for killing americans who are suspected of terrorism overseas. inside the raid that rescued a 5-year-old boy, kidnapped, held underground.
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tonight an update on his condition, and what we've learned about how the fbi pulled it off. a frightening crash for one of america's great champions. lindsey vonn suffers a serious injury and now a serious setback on her way to the olympics. and going nowhere fast. stuck in traffic, it's costing a ton of time and money. tonight we'll look at where it's worst, and look at some big ideas to make it better. "nightly news" begins now. good evening. some people regard death by drone as a necessary evil of our post-9/11 world. the way we have to do business against an enemy we can't see, including, sometimes, americans who have switched sides. others see the use of drones by the united states as nothing more than execution by air, without due process, no court, no charges, no trial, and relatively ltl

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